Ham Radio Attic Antenna

About a year ago I obtained my Ham Radio Technician License.  The very first radio I purchased was a Baofeng UV-5R Handheld. This radio was good for listening while driving around, but I needed a good setup in the Cole Command Center. I ended up getting a Kenwood TM-V71a radio with the Kenwood KPS-15 Power supply, that I setup as a base station.


The setup was fantastic minus one thing, the antenna. Due to my HOA regulations I am not allowed to place a visible antenna on the outside of my house. I debated stringing one in a tree behind my house, but decided against it. After some research I decided the best thing to do would be to install an attic antenna.

The antenna I purchased was a Comet GP-1 from the antenna farm, Link.


The second problem I ran into was the fact that there were no wall plates designed for the connections for this antenna and radio.  I searched all over looking for something that mirrored a tv coax wall plate, but for the PL259 connector, but came up with nothing. I ended up purchasing a female2female PL259 connector and a blank wall plate. After some measuring I drilled out the blank wall plate and placed the connector through it.



The next step in the process was to cut the wall plate hole and drop the coax cable from the attic to the wall plate. I had an old phone drop that I removed off the stud and replaced it with a hollow wall drop and the new custom plate.




Once the cable was connected to the back of my radio everything worked like a champ. I can hit the local repeaters with no problems and have even made a direct contacts about 45 miles away.

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